Equipment and specifics

The studio can be hired completely independently of any kit or personnel - feel free to bring or hire in your own. However, listed below are the major items available for hire either in the studio or on location at very reasonable rates. Additionally, crew such as DoP, camera op, camera assist, gaffer, spark, grip, hair and makeup, and runners can be arranged.

Cameras -

Lenses -

Grips -

Video: Red Epic
Panasonic P2 Varicam
Panasonic HDX900
Ikegami IR
Canon 5D Mk2
Canon 7D

Arri SR3 Super 16
Arri SR2 Super 16
Aaton Super 16

Photron BC2 / SA2
Phantom Miro
NAC Memrecam GX1+
- ultra sensitive

Canon 1Ds MkII
Canon 5D Mk2
Canon 7D
Canon 30D, 20D
Nikon D2X
Nikon D300





Full range of zooms and primes
available for all cameras including
Red Zooms and Nikon primes

Camera Support-
Legs, heads, matt box etc.
Monitors - 17" HD

HMI flicker free
12K, 6K, 4K, 2.5K, 1.2K x 4, .575K x 2
fresnels and pars

10K, 5K, 2K x 6, 1K x 2 fresnels
5K soft/cyc lights
5K Space lights

Kino Flos / Divas - various
Dedo kit
Dedo Cools
Fibre lights
Various Infra Red lights

Bowens DX1000 flash monobloc x 4
Bowens Quad2400 2head flash
Various hotshoe flashes




Jimmy Jib with hothead
ABC Speedy Crane 6/9m
Polecam with hothead
Track and Dolly

Extensive scaffolding stock
Zip Tower

Various stands -
double wind-ups, beefys, lowboys,pee-wees, turtles
Numerous C-stands, knuckles, arms,
poly-holders, baton clamps, big bens,
barrel clamps, magic arms, frames etc etc...

Various CSO green / blue screens
Black drapes

Smoke machines
Wind machines

Motion control systems 

Consumables - all standard gels, diffs
and gaffa complimentary.




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